A New Dawn

Welcome to the new Folk North West website, up and running from September 1st 2023.

We will keep many of the same features, the things you enjoyed, principally the club dates, keeping you in touch with guests and singers nights at the Federation member clubs. Reviews of CDs and live music reviews will still be regular features, along with articles of interest relating to our local scene, all of which will be updated on a regular basis. Sadly, as we all age, we will continue to include obituaries of those who have made positive contributions to our local scene and beyond.

There are also things that haven’t been featured before.
Like all things open to the public to peruse it is vital that people get in touch to add their thoughts and let us know if they can get involved to make things happen. What you see is the starting point with plenty more to follow and with your help we will make the new website vibrant and exciting.

Since the paper magazine made its’ final bow, Editor Steve Hughes, Secretary John Owen and Webmaster Bernard Cromarty have all retired and again they made superb contributions to the Federation. Anne Jones continues as Treasurer, Advertising Secretary and Membership Secretary, (Please note, there are no Subscriptions needed from now on). I will continue as Chairman and Review Co-ordinator.

We welcome on board Damian Liptrot as the new Secretary, who will look after the club dates and information. The new website will grow healthily under the guidance of our new Webmaster and with together we will build something we can be justifiably proud of.

Yours in Folk

David Jones

Featured Artist