Call it folk-rock, call it country-rock, call it Americana, it doesn’t matter which label you put on Fine Lines, they offer a classy version of the chosen genre. Having played at some of the largest stages in the country in support of Hollywood A-lister Kiefer Sutherland and his band, they are back on (nearly) home turf and in the smallest space they have played in recent times, so obviously they grow the usual line up to a 7-piece, with the addition of a pedal steel player – so the performance space is cramped but the sound is expanded.

Fronted by a male-female duo of band leader, writer and guitarist David Boardman and tambourine wielding Zoe Blythe and backed by bass, organ, fiddle, pedal steel and drums – the latter courtesy of radio star and band lyricist Mark Radcliffe, the band entertain for well over an hour, mixing tempos and themes. With three albums to draw on and apparently a fourth on the way, they are able to offer a crafted set, well received by a mixture of the cognoscenti and the curious.

The front two provide a focal point, interacting dynamically in both vocal and performance, they are rarely still, coming together for highlights, with fiddle player Emily Doggett drawn in at the appropriate moments – whatever else is happening, their interaction is the heart of the band, truly operating as a duo and giving the strong impression that they love what they are doing.

Musically tight, Jim Broughton playing the rock solid bassist role to perfection, Mr Radcliffe, giving his voice a rest for the evening, drives the band ever forward and the keys and pedal steel add texture and flavour to a tasty musical spread. Shades of The Band, The Byrds, Springsteen and the likes of Poco blend with echoes of more homegrown elements.

There is a muscularity to the overall performance – but there are more tender, even yearning moments which give the set interest and dynamics throughout. With audience members having travelled from as far away as Oxford, the appeal of the band is obvious and in a perfect world they would bestride the biggest stages like a colossus – but the reality is that you will have to hunt them down and enjoy their intimacy while you can. That said, an appearance at Wickham Festival this year may well help them.

Apparently they have plans for a compilation album to refresh interest while they record new material, so more to come!

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