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Advertising Page


To advertise in Folk North West, consult the table below for prices and sizes

Position and Page Proportion Height x Width (mm) Cost (£)
Full Page external back cover (Colour) 297 x 210 110.00
Full page inside front or back cover 297 x 210 90.00
Full page (Monochrome only) 297 x 210 75.00
1/2 page (Monochrome only) 148 x 210 or 297 x 105 45.00
1/4 page (Monochrome only) 148 x 105 or 74 x 210 25.00

Please check current rates with  Anne Jones

Adverts accepted with payment by cheque to NWFFC, or official space order number.

Copy Dates
Spring (March to May) 31st January
Summer (June to August) 30th April
Autumn (September to November) 31st July
Winter (December to February) 31st October


If advertising copy is not received by the above copy dates, Folk North West cannot guarantee that the advert will appear in the required issue.
If you have any problems, please contact the  advertising manager  who will be happy to assist.
Format acceptable in hard copy, by email or on CD

Last updated 3rd August 2016