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Using the buttons across the top of each page, you will find information about our member clubs, folk radio, current Federation officers, their duties and how to contact them, and links to find information about all manner of folk-related things.

Our new look Club Page section now has a page dedicated to each member club via the club name links - these links no longer link directly to a club's website, but you will find a website link (where appropriate) on the club's own page. This enables member clubs with no website to have a web page as part of their Folk NorthWest membership. Diary information will still be found on our Diary Dates page as before - these new pages will only carry 'static' information such as Organiser details, location, residents and the club's format, philosophy, history and so on. There is also space for a logo, venue picture to help people find you and the like.

Please note that parts of this are still 'under construction', so some details may be missing or incorrect, and information may need updating. Organisers, please check your page and email me with any changes you may require, and I will remove the 'under construction banner' when you have approved your page. It works in a similar way to the Hiring Fair in that there is an index page, and each individual page links to the previous/next club alphabetically.

We have recently expanded the Club Pages to include dance clubs... well, just one at the moment! Welcome to Little Longborough Dance Club!

Our new look Diary Dates page shows the latest information we have about club and venue dates for a period of four weeks starting from the current week, and will be updated weekly. Any breaking news will also appear there. If there are blanks, it means we have not been provided with information...!

Our new look Hiring Fair is well worth a visit if you are looking for ideas for booking solo performers, duos, trios and ceilidh bands (complete with callers), their style and repertoire, how to contact them, and where they are located. There is even handy advice on how to get started as a performer in our 'Performance Workshop' and 'Hints and Tips' sections.

Wy not visit our nostalgia section? Most of the magazine back-issues have been scanned and are available for you to peruse in our Library!

We're doing our best to keep the website up to date, but inevitably there may be things not quite as they should be... we have tried to make the site as user-friendly as we can, but if you experience any difficulties in navigating through what is quite an extensive and complex site, please let us know!

We have already identified that our contact details were correct on some pages, but not on others. For this reason, all contact details are now kept in one place, the Federation Page, and all contact links should take you there. Please check that you have the most up to date information.

If you find a broken link, out of date or incorrect information, or you simply have some useful suggestions, please contact me...

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